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Roof Repairs - How to check if your roof may be in need of repair

From within your loft space

If the inside of the roof is unlined, check for cracks showing daylight as this will indicate areas needing closer inspection. Shine a torch on the timbers and check for water staining. If stains are found on the timber, try to trace the source of the stain. It is useful to inspect the inner roof space after a long period of rain, as the source of a leak is easier to trace. Slate does deteriorate with age so check for hairline cracks by looking for staining on the tiles.

From ground level

Check the whole roof by inspecting at ground level. It is easy to spot a disjointed or slipped slate or tile against regular lines. If there is a change to the colour of a section, it could be newly exposed and therefore un-weathered. Look for a powdery or flaky surface, which shows deterioration, meaning the slate or tiles are no longer doing their job effectively.

Look at the ridge on the skyline and check for gaps in the mortar joints. Check for the state of the flashings at abutments and around chimney stacks. Check for fallen pieces of mortar.

Roof Repairs

Most roofs require maintaining. If you have concerns about your roof call A. Wilson Roofing and we will provide a free, no obligation service where we assess if repairs are required and advise you accordingly, providing you with a detailed breakdown.

We are able to repair all types of roofs whether pitched, flat, household or industrial.

Storm Repairs & Emergencies

We provide a call out service to deal with storm damage or other emergencies. Temporary measures are put in place to protect your property, we then provide a detailed assessment to help you with any insurance claims and complete the repairs to your roof.


If you notice that the mortar between the bricks on the chimney stack has perished it should be replaced. Failure to do so could result in rain penetrating the brickwork, and damaging the mortar further. Chimney stacks in this condition require re-pointing.

Moss & Debris Removal / Gutter Clearance

Moss growth and debris from trees can cause major problems. Blocked gutters can lead to damp problems and damaged brickwork and become expensive to repair. Regular maintenance to remove muck, droppings and moss from your roof and the clearance of guttering should be carried out annually to prevent water damage to your property.

Getting started

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